Hi I am Sharon,

Aka Scarlett and Chief Dollie.

I created Jetset Dollie out of a passion for travel and connecting women.  I have been in the travel industry for more years than I care to remember (30 to be exact!) in retail travel, corporate & sales roles and still adore what I do every single day !

I have always been the friend organising the girlie events- be it wine tastings, dinners out, shopping days, overnight or overseas adventures.

So the nickname the go to 'Dollie' stuck.

Over the years many of my single female clients have come to me, to see if I could 'buddy' them up with other female travellers. This allowed them to go to destinations they didn't feel comfortable doing alone - they loved every minute and came back for more and more - Jetset Dollie was born !


'Dollie' you ask ?

Admit it ladies - we all have a little bit of 'Dollie' in us..

Not in a 10 out of 10 'Barbie Doll' kind of way.

What does a Dollie look like you ask ?

Well she is..






She loves the finer things in life

Wants that back to nature experience

Connect with her spiritual side

She wants to pamper, spa and retreat

Shop till she drops

Explore places off the beaten track

Dance in to the wee hours with her gal pals

Give back to others 

She wants to find herself..

She is up for new experiences and ready to take on the world - one country at a time !

She is not perfect and doesn't want to be.

Does she embrace her imperfections - Hell Yes !

Age ?

Who cares ! 

Our Dollies are 20, 35, 50 or 70 and everything in between

Her age does not define her

She is young and young at heart 

She has travel in her bones and passion in her soul

She just wants to get out there... and Do It !


We at Jetset Dollie are all about empowering women from all walks of life, whatever her story to follow her dreams..

Come with us on this exciting journey ..!

love Scarlett x

jetset dollie 1.jpg